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New term for preparation of Internal rules under the provisions of the Law on measures against money laundering

The obliged persons under art 4 of the Law on measures against money laundering (LMAML) had to prepare/update the Internal rules under art.101 until 09.07.2020 (within the 6-months term after the announcement of the National assessment of the risk).  


Under the provision of the new art.24 of the Law on measures and actions during the state of emergency (effective 09.04.2020) some o...

COVID-19 - Bulgaria in a State of Emergency - Important Employment Issues for Employers - Part II - NEW EMPLOYEE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES

The new Emergency Measures and Actions Act has already been promulgated in the State Gazette after the President's veto on some texts was adopted. The law regulates important issues related to the employment, as well as the economic and social development of citizens during the COVID-19 crisis.


Protecting employees during a crisis

In spite of overall expectations, the new Law does not provide additional opportunities for employers to terminate employment with their employees dur...

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